Polygon Palace

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"This doesn't happen very often. That rare occasion when a band comes along and 
every little piece of their work you can hurriedly indulge yourself with sounds great."
- Battenberg Express

Check out our new single and remixes of Pick Up The Pieces, taken from Polygon Palace's album Sunburnt Shadows...

Always a live favourite, and known to some of you via an early version of the track which featured in the ABC series Twentysomething, the album version of Pick Up The Pieces has had vocals re-recorded at the home studio of the legendary Julian Mendelsohn (Pet Shop Boys, INXS, Paul McCartney, Kate Bush et al). It is now being released with two remixes, having been given a dancefloor reworking by G8C (UK) and a 2-step twist by Ryan Butler (UK):

And here's a short sampler of the full album Sunburnt Shadows, which you can hear in full and purchase on the Music
For the remixers among you, we are also giving away some of the original multitrack recordings on the Remix page.

Hear the album in full...

"It's fresh, it's cool, it's sexy ... the spontaneous and no-holds-barred vibes I get from Polygon 
Palace are so refreshing, this uplifting velvet powerglove of a track is an adrenaline-infused 
hit in the making ... My heart warms when I get something this good ... warm and fuzzy 
pop-electro with a touch of that party mentality which we've come to love."
- Danger! Danger!

"A superhero of the scene right now, fighting bad music, one track at a time ... sexy, 
danceable and makes me want to order a martini and kiss a girl with a cherry in my mouth."
 - Haven Hart

"Australia's latest weapon in their bid to take over the ElectroPop world"
- Electronic Rumors

"One of the better shout-outs I've heard in a while ... 'kick it like 
Han Solo' -  more Star Wars references in slick club pop, please."
 - The Atlantic