Polygon Palace

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"On autopilot ... a dilute replica ... Toothless ... rambles for about a minute and a half longer than necessary"
- Nick Mason

"One of the better shout-outs I've heard in a while ... 'kick it like Han Solo' - more Star Wars references in slick club pop, please."
- The Atlantic

"Polygon Palace really took some risks on this remix, and it paid off big time. I heard a ton of remixes of In It Together this year, by huge names like Jaymo + Andy George, and Louis La Roche, and I don't think any of them compared to this track!"
- Salacious Sound

"When I heard Matthew Dear throw this tune down in Brooklyn late last Wednesday night, I started twirling my shirt through the air."
- Blog.H34

"Fantastic Aussie band exploding all over the internet. I played their Tokyo Getaway track at the Vagabond a few months ago and was very pleased about people's reactions - lots of air pumping (in a good way)"
- Nightdrive Miami

"Winding multiple layers, and lyrics about partying, job interviews, time machines, vampires ... further distances them from watered-down techno."
- Music Under Fire

"This doesn't happen very often. That rare occasion when a band comes along and every little piece of their work you can hurriedly indulge yourself with sounds great."
- Battenberg Express

"Australia's latest weapon in their bit to take over the ElectroPop world"
- Electronic Rumors

"The spontaneous and no-holds-barred vibes I get from Polygon Palace are so refreshing, this uplifting velvet powerglove of a track is an adrenaline-infused hit in the making."
- Danger! Danger!

"My heart warms when I get something this good ... warm and fuzzy pop-electro with a touch of that party mentality which we've come to love."
- Danger! Danger!

"It's fresh, it's cool, it's sexy."
- Danger! Danger!

"If this EP was a Superhero it would be the Incredible Hulk. This EP is sexy, danceable and makes me want to order a martini and kiss a girl with a cherry in my mouth. This track should come with a warning label: We Have a Visual may cause listeners to touch themelves."
- Haven Hart

"A superhero of the scene right now, fighting bad music, one track at a time."
- Haven Hart

"This song is awesome."
- The Untzological Society

"We Have A Visual is very good tune indeed. The sound is very raw; almost so raw it's still bleeding. There is no suave grace here. This song is bold, forbearing and extrovert."
- Owl By Night

"C'est sur une touche de douceur et de chaleur que vient se poser Tokyo Getaway"
- Empreintes-digitales

"I've got a boner"
- Electrorash

"Our favourite antipodean electro debutantes"
- Electrorash

"This is yummy…"
- Surround Around Sound

"Loving these!!!!! Wow   ----  Awesome tracks!"
- Beats And Beyond

"SUPER rad"
- From Go To Whoa

"The ultimate indie dance floor jam"
- The Mixster

"My personal favorite is this smooth remix by Melbourne-based duo Polygon Palace which is taking the original even further down the new disco road"
- Super Sound Records

"We Have A Visual is a slice of organised Indie-Electro chaos, if you're only used to the Human Life remix you'll be surprised at how gritty it is. That rawness is part of it's charm though ... I wouldn't go so far as to say punky, but their brand of electropop has a bit more balls than your usual clean, superproduced, tunes ... the beast that is Polygon Palace."
- Electronic Rumors

"Made me dance like a mad man"
- Stereo Beatbox

"Defies genre. It could easily be called an indie pop song but is also a funky dance jam. Even in an office, you can't help but nod along."
- 1146 Miles

"Great catchy breakdowns that really speak to the duo's versatility."
- Aerial Noise

"A banger that is sure to delight."
- CRVD Magazine

"Crunching guitars and an electro edge that sets them up as the southern hemisphere's answer to The Whip"
- The Found Of Confusion

"Play, Repeat, and Repeat again boys & girls"
- Aerial Noise

"If the kids aren't dancing to this song, then they might be dead"
- Boom Boom Chik

"Great stuff! Clever production, unrelenting energy."
- Triple J

"Electro-pop musical supernova ... Sunburnt Shadows emits a dazzling array of funky, sparkly tunes that summon your limbs to shake and shiver, with booming vocals and cleverly deceiving lyrics that thrust you light years into the infinite ... welcome to the effervescent realm of Polygon Palace."
- Repeat Button

"Incorporating funk-a-licious flavor and swelling electro-pop anthem appeal, this sound is fresh ... Wonderfully melodic backing vocals almost reminiscent of surf-pop. After this, a darker guitar-tinged section conjures up those Twin Shadow nocturnal synth vibes, before a series of spacey synth arpeggios rounds it off. Man, this track is all over the place, but in the best way possible."
- Obscure Sound

"From beginning to end every track sounds top notch with high production values ... Polygon Palace has made an exceptional album with Sunburnt Shadows. It had everything I appreciate in an album and is undoubtedly going to be one of the most underrated releases this year."
- The Equal Ground

"Polygon Palace may just have the funniest bio that I have a read in a while ... jokes aside, it turns out this electronic duo can produce some pretty darn good music as well ... It’s definitely vibrant, and the warped electronics are just so nostalgic for some odd reason."
- Indie Shuffle